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Optimizing the Supply Chain with Real-Time Oracle EBS Data

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Introducing Incorta

Speed Analytics in Ways
Never Before Possible

Utilizing the industry’s first Direct Data Mapping engine, Incorta aggregates large, complex business data in real time, eliminating the need to reshape your data. By keeping data in its original form, Incorta accelerates the time required to roll out new analytic applications from months to days, and reduces query and reporting times from minutes to seconds. With Google-like search and direct integration with Excel, Tableau, and other visualization tools, Incorta allows business users to easily, securely tap into their enterprise data with a single, complete self-service analytics platform.

No Data Modeling

No more star schemas, no flattening of data. Only Incorta allows for Direct Data Mapping from source systems, providing for real-time data aggregation and eliminating the need for costly, time-consuming data warehouse projects.

Ad Hoc and Self-Service

Users are accustomed to having reports prepared for them because the traditional analytics approaches mean long running queries and armies of admins trying to optimize analysis and support the users. Incorta allows for open self-service responding in seconds (even on billions of rows).

Instant Insights

With no data warehouse, there’s no lengthy reshaping of data and overnight batch updates required. Source system data aggregates as quickly as every five minutes, allowing up-to-the-minute insight into business trends.

Streamline the Analytic Supply Chain

Traditional analytics means 16 weeks from request to report or the addition of new data sources for the user community. Incorta shrinks this analytic supply chain down from weeks to days. 

Boost Query Performance by 50X

Comparing Incorta to appliances like Exadata and Neteeza or other data engines like Redshift and Vertica, customers are seeing query performance gains of 50 100X (even on the most complex requests).

Packaged Analytic Applications

Analysis is not simply about ad hoc and self-service capability, Incorta provides out-of-the-box reports and KPIs against the industries leading ERP and CRM environments.

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“I’m a huge fan of Incorta. It’s saving our team an entire week’s
worth of time each month, which means we can perform ad hoc analysis that
improves department performance.”

Jennifer Dirico, Financial Planning and Analysis Manager - Toast